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Privacy policy

The privacy policy contains various terms and conditions that apply on the distribution, collection, repayment as well as distribution of personal and non-personal details taken electronically by any organization or private organization. This document is an acknowledgement from the customers and dealers regarding the legality and validity of the information given.
When a customer visits our website, he is expected to read this document carefully. As a user you must agree with various clauses stated on this page.  If you don’t agree with any clauses tested here, then it is advised that you exit the site and don’t take part in the services offered through this site.

User Privacy Protection

Payday advance credit understands the importance of protecting your private information. We only collect your private information so that you can use our services and products. Your details, contact information helps us provide you with best offers and contact you for the deals you are interested in.  we do not sell or distribute your private and confidential information of our visitors to third party but only to our affiliates. The same is true for both new and old customers. The examples stated in this privacy policy are for representational measures and must not be taken exclusively. With the evolving technology, we bring desired changes to our site so that we can move hand in hand with the changing technology. It is advised that you read this document thoroughly whenever you visit our site or use any of our services.

About Us
we own the website we may refer as our site, website or us or we in the website.  We are the owners of a website that can be easily reached through we from our customers and sold to have a database of people which is called service on our site. This database contains the information that we have gathered from interested customers and sold to our network of lenders. In simpler words we act as a link between customers interested in payday loans and lenders who are willing to offer best plans for them


When you provide details on our site, you provide us with the permission to use the given details as and when required by us to facilitate best services to you. We may hire or use third party affiliates or media services to publicize or advertise our website. We may also build our database by purchasing database about people who have filled similar form outside of our site. The information that we buy is about the interested customers who need more details on the services and products that we provide.
Payday advance credit also makes use of email, postal mail and phone to promote its site and services offered by us to clients who are interested in getting calls from the vendors or opt in application or affiliate on the site We also use promotions if for it and we also provide them with an option to opt out at any point of time.

Cost associated with Short Term Loans

There are many factors that will affect your short term loan so it is nearly impossible for any lender to offer you a deal without getting details from you in prior. The factors determining the payday loan that you will get depends on the province that you live in, lender giving you the offer and his policies as well as your financial stability. The lender will inform you about the loan and charges to be borne by you in the contract. You will receive complete information about the terms and conditions guiding your contract. This is to make sure that you don’t have to bear any hidden charges later on.

Collection of information from minors

Payday advance credit will never collect, provide, promote or offer our services or products to people younger than 18 years. We expect that our consumers will provide us with the correct details while mentioning their details on our form online. It helps us ensure that we don’t send out details to minors and serve our clients in the best way possible.

Collection of information

when our consumers fill in the details on our site to opt for our products and services, it is requested that they give us complete and accurate information like their name, number, address, postal code, city, office address, work phone, yearly income, house type, email, amount of payday loan required and time and place of employment.
We may also require some additional information by the interested applicants which is not collected while filling out the form. We may also collect information like software and hardware of you PC, IP address, domain name and website through which you were referred to our site. The information collected is shared with vendors and third party to survey the web traffic. We collect the details to improve the quality of user experience on our site and provide you with the best deals. We will never use the data collected from you for any illegal or unlawful activities.

We store your information on our database till your account is active. Once you remove your account, we still maintain a record to resolve any dispute or enforce our agreement.

Using the information

when you enter details on our site, you give us the permission to be contacted by our affiliates. The details provided by you on our site will be used by us for advertising, marketing campaigns, monitoring the site, processing payments and enhancing user experience by improving quality of our site and services offered by us. We will never utilize your information for any illegal purposes.
When you request us to provide you with an offer on short term loan, we will forward the information submitted to our network of lenders; who will then verify the information to provide you with a most suitable plan. Our affiliates or lenders will contact you with a suggested offer.

Your details may also be used to give you the details of our ongoing offers or inform you about the changes that we may be making on our site. However, we are under no obligation to provide you with information of the changes that we make on our site or services.

Selling, sharing and distribution of information

Payday advance credit will in no circumstance use your information for an illegal activity. The details provided by you will never be sold or shared unless it is required to provide you with the service or products that you opted for. We use your information for maintaining customer-client relationship, processing your request, to prevent forgery or identity thefts, avoiding illegal claims, settling disputes or delivering better information regarding latest offers and to promote our products.

Amendments to policy

payday advance credit reserves all rights to make any changes to entire privacy policy document or a part of it. We are in no way under any obligation to provide you with any prior information regarding the change of privacy policy. The privacy policy and clauses mentioned on it are applicable in its active form, so whenever we make any changes they will only be applicable when it is live and published. So as a viewer you are entitled to read the terms and conditions and entire privacy policy document carefully to understand your contract thoroughly.

If you use the site or any part of it after the changes have been applied, oy would imply that you have read and understood the mentioned changes.

We also use cookies to save the data provided by you. Cookies are actually text files that are saved to store certain information about the user and provide him an interface that processes his requests in a timely manner.
payday advance credit makes use of two kinds of cookies from you – session identification and persistent cookies. Session identification cookies are helpful in recognizing you when you close the browser and open it again, these let you browse the website smoothly. The persistent cookies stay for longer time. You can block these cookies from getting saved on our website by changing settings on your browser. If you block them, you will still be able to use our products and services although certain parts of the website might be unavailable. We use persistent cookies basically to store your details so that you don’t have to enter them over and over again. This helps us in providing user specific experience on our website.

Third Party Cookies

third party sites linked to our site that can be accessed from our site may also use cookies to give you a better browsing experience through their site. Payday advance credit cannot control such cookies and thus they aren’t a part of our privacy policy.


consent relating to your personal details is expressed by the users. When you enter your details and information on the site, you thereby give us the consent to use and distribute it to our network of vendors. Entering the details on our site implies that you have given us consent to use your data to provide you with our services. This means you are giving permission to Payday advance credit to collect your details, share it and utilize as stated in our privacy policy. This is however applicable in cases where you haven’t chosen to opt out of the services provided. In case you provide us with someone else’s details, payday advance credit will assume that you have taken consent of the concerned person for using his personal and non-personal details. You may also remove your consent provided by contacting us anytime, which is however is restricted by legal and contractual requirements. Removing your consent is not possible during the tenure of your payday loan or in case with pending legal settlements or disputes. Payday advance credit will require a prior notice in such cases. If you decide to remove your consent, payday advance credit will not be able to offer its products and services to you.

Fraud and Security

Payday advance credit enforces a variety of means and technologies to safeguard the details that you have given us. Whenever you are offering us information online, we encrypt it using socket layer protocol also known as SSL protocol. Despite of all the measures, we cannot guarantee 100% security which is true for every advanced technology in the encryption field. In case you provide us with wrong details then it will be reported to the law enforcement firms and user himself will be solely responsible for such activities. Thus we would expect our customers to provide us with the accurate and up to date information.

Changes to policy

To adhere to the latest laws and changing technology, payday advance credit will make timely changes in the privacy policy document. It is thus advised that a user goes through it at the time of signing an agreement with us. We or our affiliates will in no case use data of the customers in any other ways that are not in sync with our policy.

If we will make any changes to methods of collecting and using your information on our site, we will communicate it to you via email. Our website will also announce any such changes and the information provided will be guided by Payday acts loans and data protection act.

Implications of Late Payments

in case a customer fails to repay the loan in time, he will have to bear the collection charges and late fees. Also he might be subjected to loan charge off and his debt will be forwarded to the collection agencies. For those who pays their loan amount before or on the due date, they can enjoy using their loan as current.

Implication of Non-Payment

in case a customer fails to repay his loan altogether then there are several consequences that will follow. Firstly, he won’t have to pay any extra rate of interest but will not be free of penalty charges.
The fine is also applicable in case the selected mode of repayment fails and the repayment is not successful on the due date. At present the amount varies from one province to another and you will be provided complete details regarding the same by your lender.

Collection Practices

we make use of standard collection methods like email, postal mail, telephone, text message etc. to collect any pending amount. Also we can use various rights as mentioned on the agreement. We also hold the authority to selling your unpaid debt to a third party who may use similar ways to recover the amount from you.

Impact on credit score
We do not report you loan activity to credit check departments like Equifax Canada or TransUnion, but we may choose to do so in case you don’t make repayment on time. Such reports may affect your credit rankings in the future and reduce your chances of getting a quick loan.

Renewal policy
None of our loans are renewed automatically by us.

Disclosure of APR

APR refers to loan repaid after 1 year. The Apr for a biweekly loan varies between 546% to 600%. The variation of APR depends on the province in which you reside, the time of the loan taken, your financial stability and the lender you choose.


Our lending process is free of any catches and hidden clauses, because we answer all your doubts and explain the lending process explicitly to our buyers. Whether you have hundred questions or one, we make sure that each of them is answered to your utmost satisfaction before and after applying the loan.

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