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About Payday Advance Cedit?

It is not difficult to get payday loans in USA because of availability of thousands of dealers but choosing a genuine one can certainly be troublesome. PaydayAdvanceCredit is a fully licensed; locally owned and operated payday company working in USA from past few years. We extend our payday loan services in Las Vegas, California, Texas and Ohio. We offer local cheque cashing services as well.

Our lending process

One tends to opt for payday loans in urgency, which is very well understood by our executives. Keeping the urgency of clients in mind, we provide a streamlined lending process that eliminates the length of application and approval of payday loan. With Paydayadvancecredit, you can directly apply online loan application, you don’t have to stand in lines for hours to file your paperwork and submit your application; you can easily complete all the formalities online; from the comfort of your home. Unlike other lenders we offer approval time of 30 minutes. If you are a returning customer you can easily use our interface Email transfer that allows you to complete the process in matter of minutes.


Why us?

For us, satisfying a customer and answering his doubts is a priority. At Paydayadvancecredit, we provide a customer care service handled by our experienced and learned staff who will answer all your concerns and questions satisfactorily. If you are new to the process and want to understand even the basics, our customer care executives will be more than happy to satiate your inquisitiveness. Send us an e-mail at


Franchise Opportunities

PaydayAdvanceCredit is presently giving store front franchise opportunities. A self funded and savvy businessman looking to gain profit and expand their business through cheque cashing and payday loans can contact our franchise department. Contact us at and we will guide you through the process and answer all your questions in similar concern.

Our lending process is free of any catches and hidden clauses, because we answer all your doubts and explain the lending process explicitly to our buyers. Whether you have hundred questions or one, we make sure that each of them is answered to your utmost satisfaction before and after applying the loan.

Fraud Alert Please be informed about stores pretending to be Payday advance credit. Read more We're a fully licensed company. Getting a safe and easy loan We are a locally owned and fully licensed company operating locally and online. You can learn more about our payday loans and licensing information for lenders here!

Disclaimer : Payday advance credit is not a financial organization or a lender. We do not provide loan or make decisions relating to the lending policy of our lenders. When you apply for a payday loan by filling out the application form available on our site, it does not guarantee approval of the loan. We forward your filled form to our network of lenders, who then evaluate your application based on their set criteria and approves your loan. Based on your application, our lenders will offer you the rate of interest, charges involved and other terms guiding your loan process. Once you get the offer from the lender, you can then decide whether you need to accept the amount or not. Payday advance credit does not play any role in deciding your loan amount, interest charged or any other terms related to it. We advise our clients to read the terms and conditions properly and weigh the pros and cons that follow before signing the contract. We make our earnest effort to provide you with up to date and explicit information on our site. If you decide to accept the offer, then you will have to sign the documents electronically and send it over to us. After you duly sign and agree to the agreement, we will then put forward the amount in your bank. We are in no way obligate you to accept the loan amount after the offer is made. You are solely responsible to accept the loan amount based on your personal decision. Some of our lenders will run a credit check on your name to ensure your capability to repay the loan. The verification won't affect your credit history and is performed by lenders to cover risks associated with lending money. Payday advance credit reserve the right of making any changes on our website without intimating the clients in advance. The updated information is effective from the time it is updated and it is the responsivity of the customer to read them prior to applying for a loan. Payday advance credit or its affiliates do not guarantee availability, performance accuracy and functionality of the third party software working on our website. Any transactions occurring between you and payday advance credit is subjected to local jurisdiction regardless of the place where you reside. Payday advance credit or its affiliates does not guarantee the performance, availability, functionality and accuracy of the third party software present on its website. All the transactions between Payday advance credit and you are subject to the local jurisdiction regardless of the location where you live when you accept a short term loan or advance credit. We advise you to go through rates and fees section on our site to understand the laws and terms that follow your agreement. Our terms of use will help you in gathering more information on the loan process, products and services to understand it thoroughly. Read our privacy policy to understand rules and regulations to understand the collection, use and distribution of personal and non­personal information that's been gathered from customers by Payday advance credit or any affiliates. Privacy Policy